14bestcolcrazylightscrop“One Quiet Night on Magdalen Bridge” is a series of photographs made especially for the exhibition at the Link Gallery, John Radcliffe Hospital. Magdalen Bridge is a microcosm of Oxford at night and, surprisingly, is not at all quiet. But, like a de Chirico painting seemingly devoid of people, the photos share an air of mystery. Through a series of long exposures, at first glance, the only signs of life are transitory car lights; looking deeper though, occasionally the scenes are populated by vague suggestions of human forms.



Comments left at the exhibition:

“Feeling battered and bruised on my way to a+e. So really nice to see these.”

“Best exhibition in 5 years. Excellent pictures…”

“Great distraction when I was early for an appointment. Relaxing, forgot about nervousness for a while. Lovely work! Thanks!”

“Beautiful atmosphere – feels like stillness and dawn”