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Gene Expression

This project was a collaboration with a researcher at Oxford University’s Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine (and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics). It was funded by the Wellcome Trust and made possible via Oxford Printmakers.

The scientist, Annina Graedel  gave me access to her research, she explains what it’s all about: “The T cells of the immune system are responsible for defending us against infections, but they need to learn not to attack our own body. They learn this in an organ called the thymus. T cells failing to be tolerant to their own body leads to autoimmune diseases… I am studying the regulation of gene expression that lies at the basis of this tolerance mechanism.”

The images of T-cells and the graphs on which she plots them are visually stunning and an inspirational impetus for my videos, prints and paintings.

Read my blog on the project.

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